Welcome to my diatribe on bad Web design! I just need to get something off my chest…


There is a habit, and perhaps an urge, among web designers to produce websites which are actually awkward to use, due to simple mistakes or assumptions that the designers have inadvertently made, or because they have relied too heavily on design tools that make those assumptions – one party or the other has mistaken web design for desktop publishing (DTP), most likely. Most web surfers might not notice these problems, finding the pages just fine to use, because they are in a majority that browse in a certain way – but there are other ways which are equally legitimate and deserving of usability.

This site is a plea to website designers to place usability of their sites way above fragile aesthetics, to counter the growing insane trend to ditch the best and main features of the World-Wide Web.

While there are other websites about the distinction between good and bad web design, many of these are prepared to let certain faults go, as if they were minor compared to the benefits, disregarding the problems experienced by the legitimate minority. The designs of some such sites even suffer from those bad habits.