Fill in the form below to either solve a Nonogram puzzle, archive it, or make a blank grid from it. The puzzle will be processed at this website, and the results displayed in your browser. Please read the submission notes before submitting a form if you are unsure of what you are doing.

Do not submit images to this solver — it cannot scan them! Read the submission notes, and you will see that you must submit only text files!

Output format:

Submission notes

Puzzle file format

This on-line solver accepts puzzles with a particular format. Ensure that the files you submit conform to this.

Important!: If the on-line solver doesn't work for the file you give it, and you think it should, please send me a copy of your file, so I can diagnose and correct any problem that may have caused the failure.

Supplying a puzzle

The on-line solver can obtain a puzzle in either of these ways:

  1. by uploading it from your terminal if your browser supports file-upload forms — use the field marked ‘Upload file’ to specify a file on your machine;

  2. by reading the puzzle directly from the form — type in or cut-and-paste the puzzle file contents into the field marked ‘Use text’.

Be sure to indicate your choice of input by pressing the appropriate button beside each of these fields.

Output format

The solutions found can be displayed in one of these formats:

  • plain text, using ‘#’ characters to represent solids and ‘-’ characters to represent dots;

  • a PNG image which, if displayed at a sufficient scale, can include grid lines and clues;

  • an SVG image;

  • an HTML page, which supports multiple solutions.

Netscape seems to cache responses to POST requests, so you may need to force it to reload the resultant image.

Type of facility

Independently, you can choose whether you see the solution and whether the puzzle is archived.


Set the box ‘Solve the puzzle?’ to see the solution.

Producing a blank grid

Clear the box ‘Solve the puzzle?’ to see only a blank grid. To get clue numbers, ensure you're using one of the image formats, and that you've indicated where you want the clues to appear (above/below, left/right).


Decide whether the puzzle should be placed in the archive for others to browse. If archiving is enabled, the puzzle will appear in the archive after about 14 days, space permitting.

Set the box ‘Archive the puzzle?’ to enable archiving as required.

Useful links

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