I am a Research Associate in the Physics Department of Lancaster University. I started my Ph.D. in October 1994 with the topic of ‘Management and Control of Future Broadband Networks’.


I have been involved in several research projects, including (but not limited to):

  • GridPP
  • SAII
  • SECCRIT — Secure cloud computing for Critical Infrastructure
  • FIRM — Community media editing
  • INTERSECTION — Network security/​resilience
  • MMAPPS — Peer-to-peer, Reputation
  • CASPIAN — Active networking
  • Alpine — Active networking
  • ReTINA (AC048) — Distributed processing for connection management

For my Ph.D., I was funded by an EPSRC-CASE studentship (ref. 9456391X), and by sponsorship from BT Labs.


I am now engaged in researching the topics of:

  • Network resilience,
  • Spam,
  • Programmable and Active Networks,
  • URN resolution,

…and previously:

  • improvements to RSVP,
  • group management for multimedia multi-user applications,
  • IP/ReTINA integration

…among many other things. My thesis, ‘Application of Media Channels to Large Scale Group Communication’, is available.