C Headers for RISC OS SWIs

C macros for RISC OS software interrupts


This is a collection of C header files that define macros for RISC OS SWI numbers. RISC OS allows a name to be associated with each number, and has a facility for converting between names and numbers, but this is not normally accessible from C (or at least, it's not portably accessible across different compilers).

In these header files, each macro is the name of a SWI with the value of the SWI's number. For example, the directive:

#include <riscos/swi/ColourTrans.h>

…will define macros for all SWIs whose names begin with “ColourTrans_”, such as ColourTrans_ReturnGCOLForMode, and nothing else. The macro's value is the SWI number; 0x40745 in this case. The X form is similarly defined.

A small utility is included to generate new or up-to-date header files for macros in both X and non-X forms from loaded modules.

  • <riscos/swi/SWI-name prefix.h> — SWI codes
  • <riscos/services.h> — module service codes
  • <riscos/vectors.h> — software vectors
  • <riscos/error/prefix.h> — error numbers
  • <riscos/wimp/events.h> — WIMP event codes
  • <riscos/wimp/messages.h> — standard WIMP message codes
  • <riscos/wimp/message/prefix.h> — additional WIMP messages


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