Experimental macro processor alternative to m4


I wanted to try out some ideas with the macro processor m4, and so I wrote my own to experiment with. It's not complete (still experimental, and might stay that way), and not a drop-in replacement, but it's here for those who are interested.

Mokvino has the following features:

  • Hard quotes and Unicode escape sequences are supported through the use of a preprocessor, which converts the input string into a hierarchical structure according to the level of soft quoting.

    There are also quotes which strip leading and trailing internal white space.

  • Named arguments are supported to allow flexibility in the order of arguments. Named arguments can also be given default values, or be initialized from the initial positional arguments.

  • Most of the built-in macros, those which generate output for further processing, have a default argument which allows the output to be surrounded by extra quotes.

  • There are new replacement marks (such as $$!?@) to help to deal with named arguments and other improvements.

  • Output can be switched to different files during the processing. External post-processors can be applied to each of these files, controlled by the input script.

  • Mokvino can automatically generate dependency rules by keeping track of input and output files. It can also be made to write a file only if its contents have changed, list generated files, and remove files it generated previously if not regenerated.

Mokvino is used by Mokvino Web to construct and maintain websites.


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