Morse Code Utilities

Tools for learning and decoding Morse Code on RISC OS


Listen is a Morse Code tester. It displays two buttons showing letters or numbers, and randomly selects one to play out its code. Click on the right one fast enough, and your score increases slightly. If your score gets high enough, new buttons will be added. Apparently, this method (or something only remotely like it!) develops direct, fast reactions to codes, rather than teaching the student to use a slow mental look-up table. Not sure if using the mouse to respond is wise, though!!

You might want to change the voice for channel 1 to something more ‘beepy’ than the default soft bong!

Decoder reads mouse clicks, and works out which are dots and which are dashes, and whether the spaces between them represent letter or word boundaries. Oh, and then it decodes them! Feel free to hack around with it to take its input from some other peripheral (such as a radio scanner); I'd certainly like to hear how anyone fares on this. There is also a version intended to run on a BBC micro, but I haven't eliminated all the BASIC IV+ stuff yet.


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